Welcome to Dynamite Ranches! We are situated 15 minutes East of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada in the beautiful rolling hills of Valley Center.

                The Dynamite Ranches team consists of, Audrey Priddell, her daughter Tammy Rose, Tammy’s husband Taylor Rose as well as their four children Dylan, Maddy, Rayelle and Ruby.

Audrey has lived in this area her entire life, has always had a passion for horse’s and has been breeding for many years now.  The operation started with APHA Sorrel Tobiano Stallion Julie Jo, and a handful of mares.  A few of the mares at the start were papered while, the remaining were grade, or ponies. Audrey’s deep passion for horses was passed on to her daughter Tammy, whom with her husband Taylor and children are now tending to the majority of the day to day operation, with Audrey overseeing, and aiding wherever is needed. 

The horse program was focused on APHA breed horses initially and Julie Jo sired his eventually replacement in 2011 TR King Yogi Chex a Buckskin Tobiano.  In the spring of 2010, we expanded our breeding operation to include AQHA stallion BH Two Eyed Billy for the 2011 foal crop.

Julie Jo was put down due to age in the spring of 2012, leaving us with just BH Two Eyed Billy for the 2012 breeding season.  At this time, we were presented with the fantastic opportunity to add Fintry Cibecue Blue to our program. He was a Gray AQHA stallion bred by Fintry Quarter Horse’s (Don and Irene Woitte). Also, at this time Taylor was starting to push the breeding program towards more of a ranch and arena type of horse and one name kept popping up that he had to have, “Driftwood”.  Fintry Cibecue Blue gave or program our first dose of Driftwood.  Our relationship with Don and Irene grew from this time and we drastically expanded and improved our broodmare band by adding many quality mares that were either raised by Don and Irene or purchased by them to complement their program, a program recognized for 50 years of breeding AQHA horses in 2017.

Billy sired his last foal crop for us in the spring of 2013 as we sold him and added Julie Jo’s son TR King Yogi Chex to the Stallion group for the 2013 breeding season to go with Fintry Cibecue Blue.

                Due to an untimely freak accident we lost Fintry Cibecue Blue in the fall of 2013, and we were only able to have the pleasure of two foal crops by him in 2013 and 2014.

We had bred two mares to TR King Yogi Chex when he was a two year old in 2013, and were set to move forward with him as our only stallion for the 2014 breeding season. After the loss of Fintry Cibecue Blue we purchased two AQHA colts the fall of 2013 with the hopes one would make a replacement stallion for us, unfortunately neither panned out. 

We had three out standing foal crops off Yogi in 2014, 2015 and 2016, however after the 2015 breeding season was completed, we made the choice to 6 panel genetic test Yogi to ensure the quality of our foals to our buyers! The results that came back were devastating as he carried one copy of PSSM1, we gelded him shortly after receiving the results.

We were now without a stallion at all for the 2016 breeding season, and we all began searching high and low in the fall of 2015.  Audrey happened to come across an ad for a 3 year old Perlino stallion, with a pedigree that she knew would catch Taylor’s attention he had 18.75% Driftwood blood! We made the drive to have a look at him and boy were we impressed, we however did not want to proceed until he was 5 panel tested.  Shortly after the results came back 5 panel clean we added Soulman Hudson Wood to our program.

At the same time we were looking at Soulman Hudson Wood, Taylor was trying to get his hands on a well bred, strong built Grullo stallion.  With many nights of research under his belt and no luck at all Tammy sent him a Kijiji add for some yearlings for sale.  A phone call was made and there just happened to be a Grullo stud colt available, who had a touch of Driftwood in him while also tracing to Fintry Tom Cat as well as the mare Zella Hep who in Don’s opinion was on of the best mares ever brought to Canada.  Driftincountrymusic was purchased and was brought home, we 5 panel tested him as well as color tested him as soon as we got him home.  When the results came back clean, and Homozygous black we knew we had lucked out. Drfitincountrymusic first foal crop arrived in 2017, and he has been producing amazing foals ever since!

Audrey, Tammy and Taylor all work full time jobs off the farm, and spend as much time as possible with the horses.  Tammy and Taylor are also 4-H leaders and with 4 kids, time is not in abundance at this point in our lives. Most foals are sold by weaning and the few that we keep back to start don’t often leave as someone is often in need of there next horse at this time! Nothing prides us more than riding horses we have raised. What is a better showcase to our program, than the horse’s themselves!


Anybody can sell you a horse one time, at Dynamite Ranches we want to sell you many horses, year after year because you can’t get enough of them.

We hope you always have a great experience with us and the horses! Contact us at any time to come out and see the herd!


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