A $300.00 deposit is required to hold that foal until weaning in September 

(50% of final price required as deposit for all out of province purchases) 

Initial halter training is included in this price and will require 4 weeks from weaning date to complete. With initial halter training the foal will learn to give to pressure, move forward off pressure, tie in tie stalls, lead, load, have their legs played with, be ponied as well as a small amount of sacking out 

Your deposit is non-refundable but here is the protection we offer you the buyer for peace of mind regarding your purchase: 

-          Live/correct foal at weaning guarantee 

o   This means that if there is something wrong with the foal (bad legs, crooked, etc...), a health concern or they get hurt to the point they will not fully recover we give you your deposit back or allow you to put it towards another foal, older horse or service we are currently offering. 

-          If you are no longer able to take the foal or choose not to take it you will lose your deposit. 

Once our foals are born, they are handled minimally for the first few days. Mare and foal are then out on pasture with the stud.  When the stud is pulled at the end of the breeding season all the mares and foals are taken back to summer pasture where they roam the hills and bush until weaning. 

We promise to send pictures and updates as often as possible, but please note we have three children living at home and work full time, as well as other activities.  You are always welcome to come and visit the foal as well just call in advance to insure we are available!


2021 Foal # 1 <?xml:namespace prefix = "o" /> 

Sire – Soulman Hudson Wood AQHA Perlino Roan Ee/Aa/CrCr/Rn, 15.1 HH, 5 panel N/N  

Dam- Janae Drift 1996 AQHA Dun 15.2 HH. 5 panel (Gbed) n/Gbed, (Herda) N/N, (Hypp) N/N, (MH) N/N, (PSSM1) N/N.   

Janae is 100% FQHA papered traces to Driftwood 9 times and carries 24.22% Driftwood blood. She also traces to King 4 times 5.47%, and Joe Hancock 4 times 4.30%.  Janae has had many foals, with a few know stud colts of hers being kept as herd sires.  We also have the privilege of having one of her daughters in our broodmare band!  In my opinion you will have a hard time finding a better bred and built mare! The foal has a 50% chance at carrying 1 copy of GBED which is a non-issue unless breeding to another carrier.  We have kept the first two foals from this cross, the 2018 and 2020 Dunskin fillies.  We have started the 2018 filly and she is doing awesome! They are both eye catchers. 

This foal will carry 21.5% Driftwood Blood 

Possible colors: 

19.14% Dunskin                     19.14% Dunskin Roan                            19.14% Buckskin                    19.14% Buckskin Roan 

3.13%      Dunalino                 3.13%      Dunalino Roan                        3.13%      Palomino             3.13%      Palomino Roan  

2.74%      Smoky Grullo         2.74%      Smoky Grullo Roan                2.74%      Smoky Black   2.74%      Smoky Blue Roan



 2021 Foal # 2  

Sire – Soulman Hudson Wood AQHA Perlino Roan Ee/Aa/CrCr/Rn, 15.1 HH, 5 panel N/N  

Dam – RR Penny Ranchero 1999 AQHA Buckskin 15.0 HH. 5 panel (Gbed) n/Gbed, (Herda) N/N, (Hypp) N/N, (MH) N/N, (PSSM1) N/N.   

This will be the first foal from this cross but Penny doesn’t ever disappoint! This cross is setting up to make a phenomenal all-around prospect that will turn heads and make you money. The foal has a 50% chance at carrying 1 copy of GBED which is a non-issue unless breeding to another carrier.   

This foal will carry 9.4% Driftwood blood 

Possible colors: 

19.14% Perlino                 19.14% Perlino Roan                19.14% Buckskin                19.14% Buckskin Roan

3.13%      Cremello                 3.13%      Cremello Roan        3.13%      Palomino         3.13%      Palomino Roan 

2.74%      Smoky Black          2.74%      Smoky Blue Roan   2.74%      Smoky Cream         2.74%      Smoky Cream Roan 



2021 Foal # 3 

Sire – Soulman Hudson Wood AQHA Perlino Roan Ee/Aa/CrCr/Rn, 15.1 HH, 5 panel N/N 

Dam – JBar Two Foxy 2006 AQHA Blue Roan (homozygous Roan) 14.3 HH, 5 PANEL N/N 

Vixen carries 8.6% Joe Hancock, 3.8% King and a touch of Driftwood. Vixen is a powerful looking mare that previously has had 7 foals’! Her 2020 filly Buckskin Roan filly sold to the States and sure did not disappoint. We are excited for this cross again! 

This foal will carry 10.2% Driftwood blood 

Possible colors: (50% chance at being Homozygous Roan!) 

37.50% - Buckskin Roan        37.50% - Smoky Blue Roan               25.00% - Palomino Roan 



 2021 Foal # 4 

Sire – Soulman Hudson Wood AQHA Perlino Roan Ee/Aa/CrCr/Rn, 15.1 HH, 5 panel N/N 

Dam – Fintry Frostys Mona 2009 AQHA Gray 14.3 HH, 5 panel N/N 

The foal will be 5 panel clean through parentage. Fintry frostys Mona carries 8.69% Joe Hancock blood, and 7.62% Driftwood blood. Fintry Frostys Mona has had seven stand out fillies for us so far.  They have been easy to train and really nice to handle. The resulting foal will carry 13.2% Driftwood blood tracing to him 13 times, 8.7% Joe Hancock (22 times).  This will be the first foal from this cross. We have her 2016 and 2017 filly in our riding pen I started her 2014 filly when she was 2 and the 2018 filly last year for a friend and well. I will also be starting to 2019 filly this summer.  If you want a foal of hers your best bet is to buy it now as I have a very hard time selling any of them!  

This foal will carry 13.2% Driftwood blood 

Possible colors: 

9.57% Buckskin                      9.57% Buckskin Roan                   9.57% Gray (Buckskin)          9.57% Gray (Buckskin Roan)  

9.57% Gray (Perlino)             9.57% Gray (Perlino Roan)                    9.57% Perlino                         9.57% Perlino Roan 

1.57% Palomino                     1.57% Palomino Roan                   1.57% Gray (Palomino)          1.57% Gray (Palomino Roan)  

1.57% Gray (Cremello)          1.57% Gray (Cremello Roan)                 1.57% Cremello                      1.57% Cremello Roan 

1.37% Gray (Smoky Cream    1.37% Gray (Smoky Cream Roan     1.37% Smoky Cream            1.37% Smoky Cream Roan 

1.37% Gray (Smoky Black)    1.37% Gray (Smoky Blue Roan)            1.37% Smoky Black           1.37% Smoky Blue Roan



 2021 Foal # 5 

Sire – Soulman Hudson Wood AQHA Perlino Roan Ee/Aa/CrCr/Rn, 15.1 HH, 5 panel N/N 

Dam – Fintry Lizzie Anne 2012 AQHA Blue Roan 15.0 HH, 5 panel N/N 


 This will be Zayda’s first foal, and boy are we excited to meet it! Zayda was an excellent riding horse that due to injury has made her way to the broodmare band.  I expect this foal to be built solid with a big hip wide chest and some stretch! 

This Foal will carry 10.9% Driftwood blood 


2021 Foal by: Soulman Hudson Wood 

32.82% Smoky Blue Roan     32.82% Buckskin Roan  

10.94% Smoky Black             10.94% Buckskin  

9.38%  Palomino Roan           3.13%  Palomino 



2021 Foal # 6 

Sire – Soulman Hudson Wood AQHA Perlino Roan Ee/Aa/CrCr/Rn, 15.1 HH, 5 panel N/N 

Dam – Fintry Gigiwood 2013 AQHA Bay Roan 15.1 HH and growing, 5 panel (Gbed) n/Gbed, (Herda) N/N, (Hypp) N/N, (MH) N/N, (PSSM1) N/N.   

This will be Fintry Gigiwood`s fourth foal (all by Soulman Hudson Wood) and the resulting foal will carry 17% Driftwood blood tracing to him 16 times as well as 9% Joe Hancock Blood (21 times). Her 2018 filly was everything we could hope for and was bought as a barrel prospect, while her 2019 colt was purchased to be a ranch horse, her 2020 Filly we have retained for our daughters next horse.  This foal will have some length and height to them and should be built to cover some ground with a good hip and a clean head.  The pedigree on this 2021 foal can’t be beat, but can be matched be her sister and dam whom we also have in our broodmare band. For anyone looking for some height this combination could be the one for you! 

Possible Colors: (25% chance Homozygous Roan, 50% chance at being Roan) 

57.42% Buckskin Roan          19.14% Buckskin        9.38%  Palomino Roan  

8.21%  Smoky Blue Roan       3.13%  Palomino         2.74%  Smoky Black 



2021 Foal # 7 

Sire – Soulman Hudson Wood AQHA Perlino Roan Ee/Aa/CrCr/Rn, 15.1 HH, 5 panel N/N 

Dam – Imperial Poco Hand 2014 AQHA Red Dun 15.1 HH, 5 panel N/N  

This will be Bling’s second foal and it will be 5 panel clean through parentage. Bling is built with a huge hip, tons of bone and an overall strong athletic frame to her.  I am not sure if you will find to many mares built much better.  Bling’s pedigree is full of speed and with this cross to our Driftwood stud Soulman Hudson Wood we are hoping to produce some top-notch arena prospects! Bling’s pedigree consists of 12.5% Dash for Cash, 4.88% King, and a touch of Joe Hancock blood. Last year this cross produced a very fancy Dunskin filly. 

Possible colors:  

12.50% Palomino                   12.50% Palomino Roan          12.50% Dunalino                    12.50% Dunalino Roan 

9.38% Dunskin                       9.38% Dunskin Roan              9.38% Buckskin                      9.38% Buckskin Roan 

3.13% Smoky Grullo              3.13% Smoky Grullo Roan     3.13% Smoky Black               3.13% Smoky Blue Roan 



2021 Foal # 8 

Sire – Driftincountrymusic AQHA Grullo EE/aa/Dd (homozygous black), 14.2 HH, 5 panel N/N 

Dam – TR Drifters Dandy Wood 2016 APHA Palomino Tobiano 14.1 HH and growing, 6 panel N/N. 

The foal will be 5 panel clean through parentage. This will be Dandy’s second foal, first from this cross.  The resulting foal will have 11.3% Driftwood blood.  Dandy is one of two fillies we have remaining by our former APHA stallion TR King Yogi Chex. Yogi’s babies are all laid back, easy going and nice to ride. We can’t wait to see what she produces for us! 

Possible colors:  

6.25% Palomino Tobiano       6.25% Palomino Roan Tobiano              6.25% Palomino     6.25% Palomino Roan 

6.25% Cremello Tobiano       6.25% Cremello Roan Tobiano              6.25% Cremello      6.25% Cremello Roan 

4.69% Perlino                         4.69% Perlino Roan                                4.69% Buckskin Tobiano        

4.69% Buckskin Roan Tobiano  

4.69% Buckskin                      4.69% Buckskin Roan                            4.69% Perlino Tobiano            

4.69% Perlino Roan Tobiano  

1.57% Smoky Black                               1.57% Smoky Blue Roan                       1.57% Smoky Cream Tobiano                

1.57% Smoky Cream Roan Tobiano      1.57% Smoky Cream                              1.57% Smoky Cream Roan     

1.57% Smoky Black Tobiano                 1.57% Smoky Blue Roan Tobiano